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Test Cables

Scott Cables are able to manufacture a range of Test Cables are available for specific applications. High frequency phase stable fully flexible assemblies can be made with interchangeable interface connectors, essential for:

  • High volume production test stations
  • Research and development laboratories
  • Environmental and temperature test chambers
  • Cellular infrastructure site testing
  • SilverLine™ Test Cables

    Scott Cables offer a pre-made range of SilverLine™ test cables at either 6 GHz or 18 GHz.

    SilverLine™ Test Cables are cost effective, durable, high-performance cable assemblies designed for use in a broad range of test and interconnect applications. Fabricated from rugged, solid PTFE dielectric cable with stainless steel connectors and a proven strain relief system, these cables provide long life and excellent stability in applications where they are repeatedly flexed and mated/unmated. SilverLine™ test cables are ideal for use in production, field and laboratory test environments. They are also economical enough to be used as interconnects in test systems.

    Please visit our SilverLine™ shop to see a list of our pre-made test cables. If you require something different, please contact us with your requirement.

    Features & Benefits:

  • Phase & Loss Stable
  • Long Flex Life
  • Triple Shielded Cable
  • High Mating Cycle, Stainless Steel Connectors
  • Rugged, Solder-Clamp Attachment
  • Redundant, Long Life Strain Relief System
  • All our SilverLine™ Test Cables are manufactured under license by Scott Cables Limited in the UK.

    Scott Cables Silverline™ Product Guarantee

    All Scott Cables SilverLine™ cables come serialised and fully tested with a copy of the test certificate. Scott Cables will repair or replace your SilverLine™ test cable at its option if the connector attachment fails within four months of shipment. This guarantee excludes cable or connector interface damage from misuse or abuse.

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