Quantum Computing

Quantum Computing

Our partnerships with EZ Form and Times Microwave enable Scott Cables to provide an extensive range of UK manufactured Semi-Rigid Cable Assemblies. The broad range of materials utilised on Scott Cables Assembly products offer options for the varying demands for Temperature, Insertion Loss and Density, meaning we are an ideal partner for Coaxial solutions for Quantum Computing requirements.

The options Scott Cables can offer result in the best trade-off between Thermal Conductivity and Insertion Loss which has the advantage that a complete suite of assemblies can be provided by a single, high quality manufacturer.

Our range of capabilities include the following:

  • Wide range of Copper based Semi-Rigid cables in sizes from .020 to .250 inch with options for plated outer jacket and material utilised for centre conductor. A wide range of connectors are available to satisfy most high density or low loss requirements including Mini-SMP, SMP and SMA
  • Stainless Steel Semi-Rigid cable in sizes from .034 to .141 with options for different centre conductor and outer jacket materials. An option for a Copper Lined Stainless Steel Jacket is also available. Furthermore, Scott Cables has developed a manufacturing process whereby standard commercially available connectors can be utilised resulting in the supply of more cost-effective solutions
  • Si02 assemblies from Times Microwave can also be supplied through Scott Cables. Assemblies can be provided in size between .090 and .270 with an operating temperature down to -273°C

Please feel free to contact the Scott Cables Sales team. We would be more than happy to assist you with any requirements you may have for Quantum Computing or other Cryogenic application.