With our expert knowledge of cable assemblies and wiring harnesses, we can offer a bespoke kitting service. Send us your requirements and we will put together your bespoke kit, either as per your instruction or according to our recommendations.

Our kits may be:
• provided as a single part number or consignment, containing a variety of sub-part numbers to reduce your procurement administration burden
• made up of a group of cable assemblies that get fitted at the same point on your production line, thus minimising storage requirements
• provided with the necessary fixtures, bracketry or fasteners required to install the cable assemblies, making onsite installation more efficient and saving you both time and cost.

In addition to cable assemblies, we can also provide you with any other related materials to help with your supplier rationalisation initiatives.

Benefits to you

All our kits undergo robust quality and material management control, ensuring that you receive exactly what you ordered. To retain traceability of the sub-components, our kits can be serialised so that the materials can be tracked back to their original source.