CM srl


New product range from CM srl

CM srl offer Coaxial Connector for a wide range
of cable types and can supply both standard
off the shelf parts and
bespoke connector solutions

CM srl

Scott Cables has an agreement in place to supply the range of CM srl Coaxial Connectors and specialist machined products

The range of Coaxial Connectors include SMA, TNC, N-Type, 7/16, MCX, SMA, SMC. Standard off the shelf products for many cable type are available, however, bespoke solutions can be provided

CM srl have the capability of providing specialise machined parts including housings for filters and antennas. With over 50 CNC Lathes, parts can be produced from a wide range of metals (Brass, Steel, Aluminium, Bronze and Beryllium Copper) and plastics (PTFE (Teflon), POM (Delrin), Rexolite, Ultem and Polycarbonate (Lexan))