Times Microwave Systems

Times Microwave Systems

Scott Cables Limited are the Master European Distributor for Times Microwave. With a wide range of stock of LMR cable and connectors we can deliver component materials or manufactured and tested assemblies. The LMR range offers direct replacements for traditional RG cables, with a lower loss and greater flexibility in both 50 and 70 Ohm versions.

  • ¼ – 1 ¾” diameter cable
  • Ultraflex/Waterproof and PE/PVC/FEP/LSZH/Plenum jackets available
  • Low Loss
  • Phase Stable
  • Extensive range of connectors available including both standard and low cost versions
  • Full range of preparation tooling
  • Grounding kits and accessories available

Also available in the Times Microwave range of cables are:-

  • SFT and SFT II
  • T-Flex
  • T-Com
  • LLSB
  • TRAD
  • PhaseTrak
  • FBT
  • MaxGain

Cable Assemblies

We are the only authorised manufacturer of Cable Assemblies for Times Microwave in Europe. With a wide range of inventory we can supply the following:-

  • LMR Assemblies
  • PhaseTrack Semi-Rigid Cables
  • T-Flex Cables
  • High Power Assemblies
  • PIM Jumper Cables
  • DAS Assemblies

Lightening Protection

Times Microwave Systems has introduced its new, innovative Times-Protect ™ line of surge and lightening protection products. These unique surge protection devices address applications throughout the entire useful RF frequency range from DC with capability up to and introducing 6 GHz.

Silverline Test Cables

Silverline ™ Test Cables are cost effective, durable, high-performance cable assemblies designed for use in a broad range of test and interconnect applications. Fabricated from rugged, solid PTFE dielectric cable with stainless stell connectors and a proven strain relief system, these cables provide long life and excellent stability in applications where they are repeatedly flexed and mated/unmated. Silverline ™ Test Cables are ideal for use in production, field and laboratory test environments. They are also an economic solution to be used for interconnects in test systems.