RF cable assemblies

RF cable assemblies

Scott Cables has over 30 years of experience in providing RF Cable Assemblies for a wide range of applications up to 70GHz covering the following areas:

  • Assemblies utilising RG cables with a full range of connector types available
  • As a Master Distributor for Times Microwave, we can supply cable assemblies utilising the full range of LMR products
  • Cost effective flexible assemblies operating to 5.8GHz
  • Full range of Semi-Rigid assemblies utilising cable types from .034 to .250 inch with both PTFE and Low Loss Dielectrics to 70GHz
  • Ability to accurately and repeatedly form Semi-Rigid Cable utilising our in-house Wintron Forming machine. Assemblies can be formed directly from supplied stp file
  • In-house Thermal Chamber for pre-conditioning of cables
  • Full Range of Hand Formable Cable Assemblies utilising cable sizes from 0.047 to .250 inch with both PTFE and Low Loss Dielectrics
  • Range of assemblies utilising Flexible alternatives to Semi-Rigids from .047 to .250 inch
  • Full range of High Performance Assemblies up to 70GHz utilising low and ultra-low loss cables
  • Ability to Phase or Length Match Cable Assemblies to customer specification
  • Supply of RF assemblies incorporated within Military grade Circular Connectors such as 38999
  • Full range of Test and Measurement Cable Assemblies and Adaptors
  • All Assemblies are tested with plots provided upon request

Over and above our cable assembly capabilities we can provide Semi-Rigid and LMR Cable types from stock together with a wide range of RF Connectors

Please feel free to contact Scott Cables and we would be happy to discuss any requirement you may have. Scott Cables can produce UK manufactured assemblies both from a build to print basis using your drawing or provide bespoke solutions to meet a specific technical requirement

At Scott Cables, we have a long history of supplying high-quality RF cable assemblies, either phased matched or delayed depending on your requirements. All our RF cable assemblies are fully performance-tested to make sure they match your needs.

Our customers come to us for applications in:
• Military, aerospace and rail communication systems
• wireless networks in the telecommunication industry
• commercial uses for sound and vision broadcast

RF cable assembly types

We can supply you with high-performance flexible and semi-rigid RF cable assemblies, including microwave cable assemblies up to 40GHz. Due to our automated coaxial cable preparation equipment, you will benefit from reduced build times and high volume production runs. This helps to keep your costs down too.

We are the European Master Distributor for Times Microwave, a leading manufacturer of high-performance RF products. We can secure these products at a competitive price, and these savings are then passed on to you.

Why order from us?

From our UK facility, we manufacture high-quality and bespoke products, suited to your specific needs. You will benefit from a responsive service, delivering a quality product with quality performance, to keep your project on track.

• Excellent customer service
• Competitive pricing
• Quick quotation turnaround
• Short lead-times
• Reliable deliveries
• No minimum order quantity
• Performance testing capabilities
• Huge inventory of industry standard cable and connectors