Wiring harnesses

Wiring Harnesses – UK Manufacturer

Scott Cables is a UK manufacturer of bespoke wiring harnesses (or wiring looms as they are also known) for a vast range of power, data and signal applications. We have a highly skilled and experienced team and have been supplying wiring harness products to our customers for thirty years. Our products support a wide variety of market sectors including critical applications in defence, aerospace and rail.

Wiring harness types

Our customers come to us for:
• Open looms, assembled using tape, cable ties or lacing cord.
• Fully sealed systems, using heat shrink tubes, moulded parts and conduit.
• Electrically shielded harnesses, using braid or foil screening to eliminate interference in critical applications.
• Multicore cables, where consistency of your product is guaranteed, with the precise number, colour and specification of inner wires to suit your application.

We manufacture wiring harnesses using all types of connector systems, in both crimp and solder termination styles, including:
• Military Circular
• Industrial
• D-Type/D-Sub

Why order from us?

We manufacture high-quality and bespoke products, suited to your specific needs. You will benefit from a responsive service, delivering a quality product with quality performance, to keep your project on track.

• Excellent customer service
• Quick quotation turnaround
• Short lead-times
• Reliable deliveries
• No minimum order quantity
• Built to IPC/WHMA-A-620 standard as a minimum
• 100% electrically tested