LMR®-600-NF-SMAMRP – LMR®-600 Helium Assembly, N Female to RP-SMA Male

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Standard stocked lengths are 1, 2, 4, 6, 10 and 12 mtrs.

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LMR-600 50 Ohm Cable Assembly with N Female to RP-SMA Male.

LMR-600 Helium Assemblies – The Coverage enhancement

Times Microwave LMR-600 Cable assemblies significantly boost the RF signal range and coverage for Helium Hotspot devices for example the HNT Nebra Outdoor, Bobcat and the RAK Hotspot Miner.
Using the high-performance LMR cable will provide a higher revenue potential due to a more efficient RF signal transmission from your Hotspot device to the Antenna.

The LMR assembly range provides a low cost solution but with a high quality product giving you the opportunity of an excellent payback to your investment in these system performance critical components. Due to recent regulatory changes to reduce the allowable output power of these devices , every dB of signal loss is important as it directly translates to reduced Hotspot performance.

LMR-600 Cable assemblies – Low Loss Helium Interconnect

Previously Hotspot devices in Europe had a higher Power Output rating. Due to a new restriction on output power in Europe, the LMR-600 Cable assemblies is the perfect low loss interconnect. High quality antenna cable is of upmost important. LMR-600 is designed to eliminate as much DB loss as possible