Semi-Rigid Assemblies


Scott Cables have been manufacturing semi-rigid RF cable assemblies for many years and have a fully equipped tool room so that specialist jigs and fixtures can be made in-house, reducing both cost and lead-time. With a dedicated tool room, programmable Thermo-cycling Chamber, Cable Forming Machines, Clean Room Facility and VNA test equipment, our facilities enable us to produce comprehensive Semi-Rigid Assemblies.

A semi-rigid RF cable assembly is made using a special type of coaxial cable that is pliable enough to be bent into custom shapes but rigid enough to hold its shape once formed. Forming a semi-rigid RF cable is a difficult process and should only be performed by skilled operators using specialist tooling to prevent damage to wall of the cable when bending.

We can produce the following variations:-

  • Including a number of cable sizes with Low Loss Dielectric Options
  • 27 Products qualified to Mil-DTL-17
  • Wide range of non 50Ω Cable options available across different size cables
  • Cable sizes from .020” to .500”
  • Copper Jacketed cable available in sizes between .020” to .500”. Copper outer jacket. Sliver or Tin Plated options Available
  • Low loss Dielectric Cable types available
  • Phase Stable options using non-PTFE Dielectrics available
  • Aluminium jacketed cable available in sizes between .047” and .325”
  • Stainless Steel Jacketed Cable available in .034, .047, .086 & .141 sizes
  • Options for Stainless Outer with either Stainless or Copper Centre Conductor. Option for Copper Lines Stainless Steel Outer Jacket
  • High Performance Assemblies up to 50Ghz
  • Space Qualified
  • Phase or Amplitude Matched
  • 100% tested and plots

Typical uses for semi-rigid RF cable assemblies include Space, Defence, Aerospace, Satellite and Instrumentation applications, where the available space and performance is often critical.

Why order from us?

We manufacture high-quality and bespoke products, suited to your specific needs. You will benefit from a responsive service, delivering a quality product with quality performance, to keep your project on track.

• Excellent customer service
• Quick quotation turnaround
• Short lead-times
• Reliable deliveries
• No minimum order quantity
• Built to IPC/WHMA-A-620 standard as a minimum
• 100% electrically tested